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A specialized supplier makes all the difference on the plate of your customers. Raw or cooked, fresh or frozen, chicken no longer holds any secrets for us. In single or multiple packs, we offer all the cuts according to your needs. Our poultry comes from slaughterhouses renowned in Canada and the United States for their high standards.


Whether old-fashioned, spinning top or Black Forest hams, our hams are the champions in any category in terms of value for money. They will be small or large according to your requirements and smoked according to the rules of the art by our salting experts. Are you a distributor, restaurateur or food service buyer? Why not also contact us about our renowned house brand Virginia and Desco hams? They will delight your customers.

Ham 4 x 6: No loss of meat, all slices are usable (same size)

See the data sheet here (downloadable pdf)

Smoked Meat

Coming from a secret recipe that attracts renowned customers, the famous "smoked meat" is one of the flagships of the salting and our product range.

Smoked the old-fashioned way and tender as you wish, our smoked meat has probably already made you happy, since it is served by big names in the restaurant industry. This product is available for your retail outlets.

Other delicatessen meats

Don't waste any more time, from roast beef to pastrami, to the most popular deli counter specialties, Desco is the delicatessen you are looking for for all your purchases in one place.

Our specialty deli meats are processed and sold in convenient formats to meet both retail and food service needs.

Appetizing look; to be placed in generous portions to make it the star of your presentations.

See the data sheet here (downloadable pdf)


Ready-to-cook products are gaining more prominence at retailers and on the foodservice menu as their customers seek out beautiful, good, uncomplicated shortcuts.

Our cooked chicken strips and wings have been prepared to the same high standards of taste and quality that have made our reputation for so many years.